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For several years now I have been writing adventure novels and thrillers, in which seafaring and sailing are an important theme. I have had a love-hate relationship with the sea for much of my life, and after all, the sea is one of our last frontiers, where you cannot predict what will happen next. My social involvement is at least as important; this being apparent in my books won't come as a surprise. Three books have now been published in Dutch as a paperback, and in English in digital form.

I use this website, my author's blog and my Youtube movie channel as a publicity medium for my authorship, social engagement and other activities.

Deze website in het Nederlands



19-1-2023 lecture in my home town of Leiden (completed).

At the moment no new lectures are planned, but I am open to new invitations.


The manuscript of my fourth book ANANSI in Dutch is on its way to the publisher - the English translation is now being reviewed. I recently visited the tropical country of Suriname to do research, and generally, enjoy the trip. To my surprise and delight, I was interviewed in the capital Paramaribo, by journalist Audry Wajwakana of the local Dutch language newspaper De Ware Tijd.

More about ANANSI in the Fiction page of this website

preliminary cover design for ANANSI

The English translation TWO FATHOMS DEEP of my third book (Drie meter zand in Dutch) is available as a paperback from Amazon. More information in the News page. The book is discussed in my interview with my agent Hanneke van de Water (scroll down).

Video trailer for Two Fathoms Deep:

My three books are available in English, in digital format on Amazon/Kindle. Available titles: THE BATAVIAN, THE CARGO and TWO FATHOMS DEEP.

Due to the impossibility of giving book presentations during the Covid restrictions, I was interviewed by my agent last September. Here is the interview, with English subtitles. Larger format on my News page.


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